Manufacturer of Weisen-U

Established in 1943, Shigaken Pharmaceutical Industrial Co. Ltd. (“Shigaken”) manufactured a wide array of medicines using natural herbs and proven pharmaceutical technology in the early days, and sold them directly to local households. 


Embracing the advancements in science and medical technology, Shigaken has grown from an herbal medicine producer to a modern pharmaceutical company offering a wide range of drugs. Over the years, Shigaken has been improving its product efficacy and quality, and adhered to the principle of “For the Health of the People”.

With advancement in science and medical technology, the product line has become more diversified, ranging from household medicine to a broad range of health-related medicine. Today, not only does the company make constant improvement in efficacy and quality of our products, but also lays a cornerstone in the foundation of our future direction in product development based on the philosophy of “Quality Healthcare to the People".

Production and Quality Control System

Shigaken has kept abreast of the times by adopting modern production facilities and quality control system that meet the latest standards of the Participating Authority of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S). The industry-leading facilities are complemented with thermostatic devices to maintain the product quality, while the quality control department conducts rigorous quality checks to ensure the products comply with the standards.

Research and Development System

Shigaken also places great emphasis on research and development. In 1992, the Company established the Central Research Laboratory and invested heavily in the development of a series of effective and safe over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Overseas Business

In the 50s, Shigaken started to explore the overseas market with Weisen-U as the major export product. Having been well received in many countries, Weisen-U was introduced to Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia through Kin Fung Weisen-U Co Ltd in Hong Kong.

* PIC/S is open to any Authority having a comparable GMP inspection system. PIC/S presently comprises 49 Participating Authorities coming from all over the world (Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Australasia).

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